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Though there are many dragons in the British Isles, some hold more authority than others. In order from highest to lowest...


-Scramasax, guardian of the dragon's eye riddle.

-Sorcher, Scramasax's son

There were other ones, but they are ancient and attributes about them such as their names are unknown.

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Scramasax Edit

Scramasax may not be ---------------------------------------, but she plays an important role in the adventure of Dr. Drake. She keeps the riddle of the dragon's eye from Ignatius Crook, Ebeneezer's son. -------------------------------------------------------------------- she did a very good job protecting it. She is, however, a very old dragon. While not ---------------------------- her lack of power and endurance are caused by her old age.

Scorcher Edit

Scorcher is not as important as other dragons now, but he will be soon. Scramasax is very old. Since Scorcher is her son, he will soon fill in as the guardian of the dragon's eye riddle. Scorcher is already very feisty and will make a great riddle-guardian-person-dragon. He had a sickness in his younger years, which may hinder his performance as an adult, but Dr. Drake cured it well. Soon he will be asimportant as Scramasax.